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Quickly now
written 2006-11-06 10:54:15

It's illegal for anyone but a licensed physician to provide piercing services in Japan. Read about it from reports on the ground at the Waffle King's blog.

Also, illegal to call someone mean names on the intarnets.

There a team of American Bar Association observers here at the school for a few days to snoop and poke around and see what kind of rating ONU should get, or something. All I know is all the professors want us to stop IMing and surfing the web until after they leave.

Weekend was up and down - turned 32, studied for an exam, took the exam, bought some comics*, ate some food, almost went out for a drink but didn't have any company, and when you drink alone that means you're an alcoholic (or something). Though, if you drink with others, you're a "social drinker" which is also, I think, a sign of alcoholism. Man, I hate the modern world sometimes.

Good to hear from all'a'y'all who called. Thanks also for cards, letters, e-mails, etc.

Express warranties must be proven.

--10:51 AM, EDT, Ada, OH, under the steely gaze of the ABA

[*: She-Hulk, Secret Six, Strangers in Paradise, Omega Men, Blue Beetle, and what feels like one more]

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