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Set yourself on fire and sue the lighter c
written 2006-11-13 12:02:53

Man, time is short.

People contacting me are encouraged to ask about my outlines, exam studying, and final projects. Because I should really be working on those things.

There is a full week of classes this week, three days of classes next week, and a full week of classes the week after. Then, exams.

In and among these three weeks, I have a bachelor party, a turkey dinner (or maybe ham, I don't know, I'm just grateful to have somewhere to go), two long drives, four middlin' length drives (two hours or more), three games, exam prep, and somewhere in there, time to attend classes and do homework.

Not shopping at Wal Mart is going well. Unfortunately, groceries are more expensive at the local market, and the convenience of the market makes multiple trips to the store too easy. Mmmmm, snacks.

Sorry to leave that post about being moody up for so long. I think that gives people the impression that my mood has not changed because the journal has not changed. Never fear, I lack the attention span to be depressed for long.

--11:59 AM, EDT, Ada, OH, the military enjoys broad tort immunity from soldiers' suits

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