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Take a little walk, no one will know
written 2006-11-16 10:38:21

There's a trailer up for Rocky Balboa somewhere. For as terrible an idea as that movie is, the trailer doesn't look bad. It's not the movie I was hoping the "last Rocky movie" would be, but there are a lot of Hollywood projects that I want that don't get any play.

For example, where's the Blackburn movie? And don't try to tell me that a mass murderer wouldn't sell movie tickets. V For Vendetta was all about blowing up the government and did fine. Crash was about racism and it won some award or other.

But this is why I would never make it in showbiz. I think more JLU is a good idea, and almost anything that got cancelled on Fox. I'm trying to come up with more examples, but most of them qualify under the "got cancelled on Fox" category.

I read somewhere that The Loop isn't cancelled, it's just on hiatus until its second season. Also, that focus groups showed that people didn't think the guy's home life was as funny as his work life, so the show will focus primarily on his office hijinx. The really important thing about The Loop is, of course, the theme song.

Shakespeare was right. I've got studying to do.

--10:36 AM, EDT, Ada, OH, a wretched hive of scum and villainy

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