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written 2006-11-18 22:04:30

C'mon. I want a piece of fried chicken too. It's not fair, the way you just sit there, eating your leg piece, either unwilling or unaware to share the provenance of said fried food with me. I'm not saying we're friends or anything, or that you owe me a piece of chicken, I'm just saying I would like one. Or to know where to get one. You know?

Fine. Whatever. Forget it. I ate already, anyhow.

This is probably payback by law student karma for my trick on Friday. While sitting quietly in the formal lounge with a few other, equally quiet scholars, these three girls came in with KFC, talking loudly about who was going to the annual formal with whom, and who they thought was an ass, and who wore too much makeup, et cetera, et cetera. Peter Cetera.

So, the other quiet people glare quietly and roll their eyes, and look at me and each other to see if we're also getting annoyed at this. I was on the way out anyway, so I wasn't particularly bothered. But I understood the annoyance, so I walked up to these loud girls, and informed them that food and drink wasn't allowed in the formal lounge. Then I turned and left. The lounge was dead silent for the length of the time it took me to leave. I don't know if they left or stayed, if they kept eating or not, but I know they were bothered enough to silently regard me as I left. At least one of the other people studying was grinning, though.

I'm sure they completely disregarded my polite reminder, and kept babbling on as well. But I also bet they were just a smidgeon uncomfortable, with the lingering fear that the next person to warn them about the food in the lounge would be a Dean, or worse, a secretary.

And this, this has made it all worthwhile.

Two outlines down, and I expect at least one more done before Turkey Weekend. Naturally, they still need work, and I'm starting to check out study guides and aids from the library to help with exam prep. But the bones are there, waiting for more flesh. Like a zombie. A zombie skeleton, if you can imagine such a thing! Ho ho! Aaahhhhhh.

I'll stop now. You've been polite enough to read this far. I shouldn't push it.

--22:03 PM, EDT, Ada, OH, Wolf-Spiders Ruleth The Land

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