That's not what the Death card means

That's the fear talking
written 2006-11-27 16:25:28

Okay, so, Ohio, again, yes. "But so then" as David Foster Wallace would say. (See, I go away for five days and I come back with witty literary references. Yeah, I know, you're welcome.)

Here's how you get from Ada to Bucks County:
Leave Ada at 11:00 AM.
Pay $2.14 a gallon for gas in Kenton, 13 miles down the road.
Reach Marysville and Route 33 at 12:00 noon. Head east.
Depending on traffic, get to I-70 and Zanesville at 1:30 PM.
Stop for gas again even though you don't need it. Prices around $2.04/gallon between Columbus and Wheeling.
Cross the Ohio River at about 2:30 PM.
3:00 PM will see you in the Commonwealth.
4:00 PM, PA Turnpike at New Stanton. Head east.
Two hours drive gets you near Carlisle, PA. Stop for food (and to not be in the car for a bit.)
You still have three more hours to go. Get to Bucks County (Willow Grove exit of the Turnpike) around 9:00 PM.

Ten hours, six hundred-some miles.

All worth it, though - people cooked me dinner, let me sleep in their houses - it was great. Thanks to everyone who put me up and put up with me over the long weekend.

--16:24 PM, EDT, Ada, OH

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