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Last Day
written 2006-12-01 09:49:46

Today is the last day of classes. It's also the first day of December. Some kid wandered through here with Christmas music playing and handing out candy canes. I'm afraid mine is laced with hallucinogens, so I'll probably give it to someone else. (I have irrational fears sometimes. You don't know.)

So, in the last day of Sales and Secured Transactions, the professor is lecturing, and we're all confused and trying to keep up, and it's not easy material anyway. We're talking about the right of a creditor under the UCC to repo goods when the owner is in default. So, he deadpan segues into this question:
(Oh, someone get Keith, would you? He'll like this.)
"What happens when you fail to pay for your exorcism?"

Confusion reigns. I start to think that this has to be a trick question, because an exorcism is a service rather than a good, and Article 2 of the UCC only governs sale of goods, and the contract for exorcism would have been the governing document.

Then he says, "You get repossessed."

Feel free to groan. Then the bastard expected us to stay on task and finish the class.

--9:50 AM, EDT, Ada, OH

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