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Done and done
written 2006-12-01 20:16:42

And that's it for classes for another semester.

Prof. Young actually had material and used all of the hour and fifteen minutes of class today to present it - I was perhaps expecting a little review session, or an early reprieve, but I guess that's not how she rolls. Good news: her exam is going to be short answer again, rather than essay. When I had her for Torts, she explained how she hated grading all those essays, and now felt confident in her ability to write an objective exam on the material.

So, I'm (mostly) done my Sales & Secured Transactions outline and my Products Liabilty outline, and a helpful little elf lent me his Arbitration outline, so I'm going to knock out my Domestic Relations outline tonight and then be set for Studypalooza '06, starting Sunday.

Not starting tomorrow, though. I have a date with some old friends up in Detroit. You probably don't know them. They're from the 30th Century. Gotta relax a little before I dive in, headfirst, as it were.

Wish me luck! (Oh, and residents of Texas and Wisconsin, feel free to give me a shout out so I know you're not buried under snow and ice. Barry, to refresh your memory: snow is the white, powdery or flaky stuff, and ice is the clear slippery stuff.)

--20:14 PM, EDT, Ada, OH, Radiohead, Kid A

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