That's not what the Death card means

Two things
written 2006-12-09 12:17:26

First: when you don't write for a long time, say, when you've been using your laptop for any kind of notes, correspondence, or doodling - and then you write nonstop for three hours? It hurts. It's true.

Second: Arbitration is done. The professor included a 30 out of 70 point question that basically said, "You know the Federal Arbitration Act? How would it be different if you wrote it?" Speculation and personal opinion do not go well with four months of studying case law, black letter rules, and federal policy. As law students, we are encouraged to find the best arguments to reach the best results. When the question is, "What do you think?" we tend to come up a little short. (Except for those damn activists, the left-wingers, the right-wingers, the Green party girl who thinks everything is a conspiracy against third parties - those people always have something to pipe up with. I can only hope their agendas serve them ill when they try to use that stuff on exams.)

I'll say again, in what seems to be a running theme lately, "auuuuugggghhh."

--12:16 PM, EDT, Ada, OH, but my heart is in the valley of the River Volga

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