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Oh there's no place like
written 2006-12-19 14:58:54

Bust out some Bing for Christmas, you holiday scrooges! You can't have too much Bing, is what I'm saying. And not in an Infinite Jest sense.

Kicking it relaxingly here in beautiful Warminster, PA. Got almost all the shopping done. Will probably be done completely in the next day or so. Next hour? Maybe. Not making any promises.

I hope everyone is not beating themselves up this Christmas. There's a lot going on, and a lot of reasons to feel like you have to do everything, and be responsible for everything, or make everyone perfectly happy with whatever your holiday obligations create for you. But don't jam yourself up. If you make yourself miserable doing stuff to make other people happy, that's going to make them sad, so you lose. It's Christmas. Try and enjoy yourself and enjoy your time with family and friends and whatever else you dig on. That's not always easy, I know. But give it a shot for me.

Merry Crispness, y'all.

--14:56 PM, EDT, Warminster, PA, she's like an angel! let's put her on top of the christmas tree!

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