That's not what the Death card means

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled
written 2007-01-04 18:18:10

Back in the 419, once again, arguably for the last time. Broadly speaking. I mean, this "last time" will last four months, and I might go to Detroit or maybe somewhere for spring break, but, still. I'm just saying.

Wow. Good times back in the hallowed hills and hollows of God's Country, Bucks County, Pee Ay. Good times for Solstice, good times for Christmas, some Eagles games, some out of town visitors, some blessed matrimony, some New Years festivity, a number of hotel rooms distributed inequally amidst these events. Poker, catching up with folks from back in the Charlotte day, meeting people from the internet (you can never trust a person "from the internet" until you play cards or drink with them - amended), getting career advice... it was nearly perfect. (Nothing's perfect, of course. This was a fantastic stretch of three weeks, though.)

Thanks to everyone who fed me, housed me, put up with me, let me hang out with them, invited me to their wedding, and what have you.

--22:12 PM, EDT, Ada, OH, let's kick it out

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