That's not what the Death card means

Frozen dew on the ground
written 2007-01-08 12:17:10

Criminal Procedure this morning consisted of a Powerpoint presentation comprising two slides: one describing and defining laryngitis, and one reading "sign the attendance sheet and then go home." I wonder if we'll have class on Wednesday.

Law Office Economics and Management seems to be "Professor French Tells You What You Should Know About The Job You Will Have Next Year." This might be annoying to some, but at the end of class, he asked me what my plans were. NB: Prof. Bruce French graduated from Pennsbury high school about forty years ago, still has family in the area, and has a cousin practicing law in Perkasie. He's keeping me in mind for resume referrals and personal notes if I like. Hooked. Up.

I'm going home for lunch now, more Real Estate reading, and who knows what.

--12:16 PM, EDT, Ada, OH, the formal lounge

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