That's not what the Death card means

Any relation?
written 2007-01-09 20:11:14

Federal Courts is apparently the course that my Constitutional Law professor wishes she was teaching at all times. So, it feels vaguely like a repeat of Con Law, because my professor was trying to get across a lot of the principles and material that she teaches in Federal Courts.

Did anyone follow that?

And Trial Advocacy has a local judge for a professor, which means all the usual bossy arrogance of a professor with a title and profession that somewhat justifies it. He's pretty funny. He spent the majority of our class time tonight basically chatting with people about where they were from and where they were going to practice next year. (Oddly, there are 2Ls in the class. [That means 'second year law students' to the uninformed.] And yet there are people on the waiting list, possibly 3Ls. I wonder why that was allowed to happen...?) But, it looks like his class assignments are going to take the form of a semester-long mock trial, in which I have some experience, having had a mock trial in 1L Civil Procedure.

A classmate just told me to go home, since we're in our third year. "Senioritis" has been overheard in more than a few conversations around here. But I have reading to do for one class tomorrow - my only class on Wednesday, too. I guess I should be conscientious.


--20:10 PM, EDT, Ada, OH, in the third year

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