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Thanks squid lady
written 2007-01-21 22:28:29

The Indianapolis Colts were losing 6-21 when I heard from my mom, who was watching the game an hour or so ago. Now, there is one minute left, and the Colts just went ahead, 38-34. I'll have results for you at the end of this post.

Firstly and most important: snow. At last. Frozen precipitation. An icy crust over maybe an inch of the white stuff. Thank goodness. Fears of climatic change and global warming and inexplicably warm winters and what have you; at last, I have my winter landscape and a mental picture. Sure, it'll probably melt tomorrow and not snow again until April or something, but still.

Secondly: my back still hurts. It was fine for about a week, and then flared up a little right before the weekend. Isn't that always the way? Stupid recurring injuries.

Thirdly: what do you think I should do for Spring Break? Ideas include: visiting the geographical center of the United States, touring the Eastern Seaboard, attending the New York Comic Con, and staying in Ada but driving up one night or so to Windsor, Ontario, mainly to be able to say I left the country. Can you even leave the country any more without a security clearance or something? I don't know.

And in no particular order: I had what felt like Scandinavian food at an Italian restaurant this weekend. I've gotten my schedule down to a more manageable 15 hours, and will be taking one less final exam in May. My new DVD player refuses to admit that it has a remote control, which makes it difficult to use because cheap DVD players only have three buttons, and none of them are "select."

The Colts intercepted a Tom Brady pass to the collective astonishment of the informal lounge, and won the game. We'll see them in the Super Bowl against the Bears.

--22:27 PM, EDT, Ada, OH, one state away from Indiana, but mainly Bengals and Browns fans

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