That's not what the Death card means

Welcome to the new Tuesday
written 2007-01-23 20:49:00

So, under the new regime, I have 75 minutes of class mid-day, then a two hour break, then a two hour class, then immediately thereafter, a three hours class. Hoot.

I need to bring food or something, because at this point, I'm vaguely exhausted. That might just be mental. Or lack of caffiene. Who knows.

Barry says my formatting is old and tired, and that only a single space is needed at the end of a sentence, as long as the font is not uniform sized. This is because the period occupies an area that includes the first space, essentially, and the period itself is located at the leftmost part of the space. Yet, I persist in my heresy. I will not recant.

Finished rereading my biography of Pope John XXIII. Good stuff. Has anyone read Thomas Cahill - How the Irish Saved Civilization, Gifts of the Jews, and Desire of the Everlasting Hills? He wrote the biography. Very enjoyable.

I'm grabbing a Criminal Procedure book, going home, and eating something, then falling down somewhere. Preferably somewhere soft.

--20:48 PM, EDT, Ada, OH, (the first time I wrote that last sentence it said "someone")

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