That's not what the Death card means

written 2007-02-05 09:54:00

The weather service says it's -4 degrees out there. I'm inclined to believe it. My breath was not just visible, but turned instantly to frost on my scarf. The university was sending around public safety officers and people in cars to pick up people walking across campus in order to drive them across campus.

We hope that the wind chill adds up a total of -15 for the benefit of local school children, who are kept home from school under such conditions.

Fear not for me, for I bundle up like crazy in anticipation of such weather.

My VITA certification is still not done, and really should be, so I anticipate not getting home until late tonight. Class until noon, studying for tomorrow (I knew I should have done some of that yesterday), a seminar about payments in bar prep, and the VITA thing. Great. Nice lead-in to Tuesday, which I may have mentioned, is my "busy" day.

--9:54 AM, EDT, Ada, OH, a cold wind blowing

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