That's not what the Death card means

Not for the uninitiated
written 2007-02-05 23:10:09

There's probably only two or three people who will dig this, but:

Online quiz to tell you which Legionnaire you are.

I'm a tremendous geek. That's never been in question.

My day wasn't as awful as I predicted. That's because I frustrated the hell out of myself and the rental laptop from the library and the IRS and the VITA certification, went home, took a nap, and missed the (optional) lecture on Payments. Sometimes you have to accept that things aren't going to improve, and regroup. I have two or three more opportunities to cover Payments in all the bar prep I'm doing. Oh, and my bill for my one prep course arrived - $2500.

No, seriously. And most professors and graduates you talk to will tell you, these courses are virtually mandatory if you want to pass the bar.

--23:09 PM, EDT, Ada, OH, deep breaths, in with Jesus, out with Satan

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