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The weekend that wasend
written 2007-02-12 12:15:39

Got a bunch of work done early this weekend, so I felt justified in driving up to Detroit to play cards. (Geek cards, not poker.) It was a good time. I started with coffee and donuts, which was enough sustenance to power me through about seven hours of play. I won a tournament, got some prizes, played with some fun people. I've never won one of those before, so that was exciting.

Good to talk to everyone that kept me company on the drive. Mom, sorry to make you worry that I'm going to be killed by aggressive pickup truck drivers. Dad, no fair making me laugh that hard while I'm doing 70 MPH. Good to hear from Jay Weber, too; he and his mom checked in in the morning while I was waiting to register.

Happy birthday, Bren - sorry I missed talking to you on the actual day. It sounds like you had a good one; glad to hear it.

That subject line is a joke. Did anyone get it?

It's a mild and temperate 28 degrees out there. I know it's been cold if I've been conditioned to feel like I can walk around with my coat open in technically freezing temperatures. There's still some snow left, which is nice.

I think I'm getting myself some Krispy Kreme donuts. It's a fundraising thing for the Black Law Students Association, but more importantly, it's donuts. Krispy Kreme donuts. I'm drawn to recollections of carfuls of people at the Charlotte Krispy Kreme drive-through window, ordering dozens of glazed and dozens of all sorts of good stuff. And you had to keep an eye on the special donuts, because someone would inevitably eat the ones you wanted. So, yeah, donuts. Hard to justify buying too many, though, so I'll have to share them.

Hypothetical: is it complimentary, teasing, or making a romantic advance to a woman if you tell her she's beautiful on St. Valentine's Day?

--12:15 PM, EDT, Ada, OH

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