That's not what the Death card means

That was very strange.
written 2007-02-20 15:56:29

Sorry about that, folks, I promise you I've posted twice since the snow let up. Both instances were fairly long posts, catching you up on my toings and froings. And both appear to be missing, gone without a trace. I have no explanation for this.

Classes, bar prep, some games. Usual deal here in the blasted plains of rural Ohio. I'm liquidating some of my game stuff. Contact me if you want some.

I tried giving blood today. They asked for volunteers to donate "double." This means (I think) that they take two pints instead of one, separate the red blood cells from the rest, and then pump you full of the rest. Unfortunately, either my veins or the exsanguinator weren't up to snuff, because I ended up with a bruised elbow, being sent home without having donated any quantity of blood. In the future, I'll just donate the usual pint.

See how I used "exsanguinator" there? That's like metahumor. I'm probably the only person finding that remotely funny.

And afterward, I felt awful. Don't know why. Minor headache, slight queasiness, general weakness. I talked to my ADR professor (the Dean) and he told me to get home and get some rest. I feel bad about skipping a class right before spring break, but it's hard to argue with a Dean.

I'm going to see if this posts properly.

--15:57 PM, EDT, Ada, OH

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