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A little much
written 2007-03-04 17:24:58

Kevin Smith on ground-breaking filmmakers: no one has a perfect record, and no one should be expected to. George Lucas: Attack of the Clones. Terry Gilliam: Brothers Grimm. Stanley Kubrick: "He's dead, I won't count him."

Kevin Smith on comics: "I haven't read a comic book in three years."

Kevin Smith on Wolverine vs. Batman: "Batman."

Kevin Smith on Batman vs. Obi-Wan: "Batman, dude! I don't care about the Force, or any of that, Batman is just a dude who decided to beat people up because his parents got murdered in front of him. Batman."

I played a lot of games on Saturday, and won a few of them. I won a contest in how many first appearances of comic book characters you can name, so that was fun. I hung out with geeks and geeked out. It was a good cap to the week.

Driving home was interesting. "Define interesting." "Oh, God, oh, God, we're all going to die?" There was a little snow, but it was thick, wet snow that serves only one purpose: the enabling of automobile accidents. I safely exited the Columbus city limits only to have it increase in precipitation to white-out visibility levels. I slowed way down (I was fortunate not to be on any kind of deadline) and waited it out. No problems.

And now I'm back and ready for serious studying. Well, semi-serious. I've already done some of it, and I'll be reviewing it before classes start back up tomorrow. I should also make dinner - two fast food "meals" in a row on Saturday, eeccch. I would have had a better selection but I didn't start my day until 9 AM in Newark, and got out of the second tournament around 10:45 PM in Columbus.

Happy birthday, Susan.

--17:24 PM, EDT, Ada, OH, all quotes are paraphrased and are not intended to convey any intent or actual belief of Kevin Smith or any representative of View Askew Productions, please don't sue

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