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So stupid it hurts
written 2007-03-05 17:20:22

So, every Monday, there's a bar prep session offered. Today, the first day after spring break, the session was offered on Secured Transactions. I made sure to get my stuff done (classes, lunch, VITA appointment in Kenton) and get to it, because SecTrans is some tricky stuff, and gave me the most trouble of my classes last semester.

So we're in there, and the professor - a bookish little guy with a Pittsburgh accent that sounds Bostonian or something, with a reputation for having ended more law students' scholastic careers than any other professor - asks who has taken Sales and Secured Transactions. Almost everyone raises their hands. Then he asks who's taking the Ohio bar exam. Almost everyone raises their hands (not me, obviously).

Then he asks who's taking the Pennsylvania bar exam. I raise my hand. I'm the only one. He says that Secured Transactions isn't tested on the PA Bar. I check my list of essay topics, see Secured Transactions there, and wonder why. The rest of the group snickers at me, and the professor says the lecture will be useful as a review for practice, if not for the bar.

Good Lord, I'm an idiot. This means half of the hardest class I had last semester was meaningless, my scheduling around said class was meaningless, the hour I spent waiting for an opportunity to leave the lecture was meaningless... aarrghgh.

Just aarrghgh.

The paranoid part of my brain wonders why he would ask that question. Did he see me in the group, and ask for my "benefit"? He didn't ask about other states' bar essays. And when I researched it, PA hasn't had SecTrans on the list since 2004. There are websites that still claim that SecTrans is fair game for PA bar essays, lots of them, in fact. But the official one says nothing about it.

See above, I'm an idiot.

I'm going to study now, and try to raise my IQ above that of a house plant.

--17:19 PM, EDT, Ada, OH, you shut up about house plants, mine's very smart

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