That's not what the Death card means

Irish music from Wisconsin, British Columbia and West Africa
written 2007-03-10 20:45:13

A week back into classes, and I should probably be screwing my courage to the sticking post (is that right? Bill Shakespeare? I can't recall) to attack the end of the year and kill all who oppose me. I have final presentations lined up for two classes, and two more impending and needing to be scheduled. After all that, two finals.

And then a whole lot of stuff. Graduation, moving, bar study, job search, mid-life crisis, what have you. There's a lot going on. And it's faintly intimidating, I'll be honest. If I call anyone in dread terror, I apologize in advance - just reassure me that I'll have a good job, on my way to getting out of debt, out of Ohio, and optimistic about the future sometime soon.

Origin dropped this week, so I have some new game stuff, which is fun. And new Strangers in Paradise this week - 2 issues until the end of the world. Tomorrow I'll probably be planning the next two months out, sorting through superheroes, and working on arrests.

Oh, and there's a murder appeal going down on campus that I'll be attending for Crim Pro - wouldn't you be a little nervous about your lawyer going to bat for you in front of a bunch of law students? Maybe not, but it still seems a little weird. More on that later - next week.

--20:46 PM, EDT, Ada, OH, remember to spring forward tonight

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