That's not what the Death card means

Thursday's here and I feel fine
written 2007-04-05 23:58:11

Another project out of the way. I explained to a partially-full room of law students continually checking the clock to see if Easter break had started yet why they should volunteer their services to the indigent and impoverished. I don't know if I got through to any of them. I think I hit all the relevant bases, though, and the professor seemed pleased with the effort.

My bar application has gone from "done" to "wait, no, it's inexplicably important to know if I had any speeding tickets while living in Texas." That's disquieting because the deadline is in 12 days. I have to call NC, TX, WI and OH and get driving records from each state to supplement my squeaky-clean PA driving record. And I have to do it quickly.

No classes until Tuesday. Feel free to call if you like. I should be working on projects, reading, and researching my automobile operation history.

--23:58 PM, EDT, Ada, OH

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