That's not what the Death card means

National Treasure is like Da Vinci Code for kids
written 2007-04-15 22:56:29

Lost about four hours today. Don't know if that was long-term tiredness (I had a few early-to-rise, late-to-bed days toward the end of my week) or carbo-coma again, or what. I hope I'm not up crazy late as my body adjusts to getting/losing sleep. That's about par for the course at this time of year, though. Studying, working late, catching up - madness takes its toll. (Please have change ready.) (Sorry, had to.)

Does Olive Garden really have a chef school in rural Italy? I don't believe it.

There are "Myth" and "Fact" signs posted all over campus increasing awareness about something. AIDS? Americans with Disabilities? I'm not certain. Better increase more awareness.

Also better do my taxes. The April 17th deadline is apparently because the District of Columbia is celebrating Emancipation Day on the 16th, and the 15th was a Sunday. I do like to put things off, no?

Happy birthday, Caitlin.

--22:56 PM, EDT, Ada, OH

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