That's not what the Death card means

written 2007-04-17 16:49:58

My trip to the mailbox is usually a daily effort to keep my mailbox cleaned of credit card offers and student loan consolidation letters. Today, that was not the case. I got two packages of Clix (Guardian and Dr. Fate), one Elements of Style from Mikey - thanks! - two discs from Veronica Mars Season 2 from Netflix. Any one of these things would have brightened my junk-mail darkened hopes, but all five? Goodness.

(Personal to Ingrid: E.B. White says you're right and I'm wrong, I say he's an old man with antiquated speech patterns.)

Sadly, I'm far too busy to play with my new toys, read my book or watch my DVDs. Maybe tomorrow. Unlikely, though.

Today I read for ADR, attend a mediation, drive up to Findlay again (hopefully for the last time) and observe someone's trial. I was up at a decent hour this morning and will be up all day, so hopefully that'll put me on a more normal sleep schedule. Hopefully.

Have to print out a unnecessary amount of paper for my largely-intended-to-used-on-computer law office practice notebook. I feel vaguely like it won't be as good on paper as it is electronically, but I've explained that to the professor, so that shouldn't screw me up.

Also have to schedule a time to go through my demonstration of research skills for ALR. That could be nice and smooth, or it could be nightmarish. I'm angling for the former, and will be polishing up my research skillz in the meantime.

14:13 PM, EDT, Ada, OH

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