That's not what the Death card means

That was... not what I expected.
written 2007-04-25 14:25:46

So, yesterday, I'm in the computer lab, and I'm working on some stuff, and I see my ALR professor and a classmate working together on something. Afterward, my classmate walks out, looking flushed and slightly upset, and my professor walks out, eyeing me suspiciously and saying something about she didn't see me in the lab. As though I was lurking, peeping, or otherwise eavesdropping on her final.

Also, someone told me that the professor is secretly angry at, well, everyone. And likes to take it out on people in odd ways.

These things led me to expect I was in for a possible rough ride in my ALR final today.

These things were not indicative of the experience, whatsoever.

We ran around the library, looking up things about state laws, and county courthouse rules, and cat licenses and tax law. Then we looked for stuff on the internet. It was fun. I got a lot of it right, even things that gave me trouble when I was doing work in class. And the professor and I talked about stuff, and had a little mutual admiration society going ("I really enjoyed this final!" "I really enjoyed having you in class!"). It was a hoot.

More hoots soon, por favor!

--14:25 PM, EDT, Ada, OH, it's more expensive to license a cat or dog in Kentucky who can still have offspring than it is to license a neutered one

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