That's not what the Death card means

I don't usually suffer from this malady
written 2007-05-04 00:59:56

Happy birthday, Whitney.

Only six minutes to post something here -- they shut down the computer lab after 1:00 AM.

Thank you all for taking the time to read the messages posted here. They are, in the main, like notes posted on a bulletin board - occasionally intended for one person, sometimes to a wider audience - but always posted for general consumption. I try to make them accessible to all, for this reason. I know this is sometimes impossible, as when I talk about things of interest only to the very hardcore.

I don't know that there will much of interest on this journal in coming weeks -- bar prep, in the main -- but honestly, I'm not certain what is interesting about what I have posted here in the last couple years. My journal is not the exciting kind of thing one reads about, not well-written, and not with any of the characteristics that one expects from literature that invites return visitors. (Wait. My journal, or my life? Wow. Deep.) But here it is, anyway.

It's mainly for you. I don't really have the personal need to expose myself to the internet. I do want to reassure people that I'm still drawing breath, because I'm sometimes bad at keeping up with folk. I think Thoreau said something about the temerity of people who sit down to write when they have not stood up to live. I adhere to that line of thinking.

I apologize for the introspective nature of this post. I'm maudlin with Jamesons. Perhaps "maudlin" is not the correct term, though.

--12:59 AM, EDT, Ada, OH, though "pellucid" wouldn't be accurate either

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