That's not what the Death card means

Oh noes, not again
written 2007-05-10 16:50:31

Stupid journal! Or, stupid me! Another post missing. I blame everything but me, unless it was my fault. Then I blame me!


So, sorry, anyone who thought that post about the illness was meant to be an ongoing report. I suffered about 18 hours, slept for about 11, and then felt mostly better. Well, weakened and dehydrated, but better than I felt on Monday morning, that's for damn sure.

Got some studying in, took my Fed Courts exam, feel pretty good about it. Got some grades already, feel pretty good about those too. Started the process of cleaning, packing and culling my possessions.

I understand that in about fifteen minutes, obstetric professionals will start a process of punching Sarah in the shoulder until she finally gets around to having her baby. The punching will continue until results are had. I hope this is an expedient process; Sarah's a good kid who doesn't deserve punches in the shoulder. (Or, at least not too many.)

Picked up my cap and gown today. Struggled to find a dry cleaners with something akin to 24 hour service. A friend once tried to explain to me why there is no money in the greater Lima area. My inability to find a dry cleaners in three tries between Ada and Lima is indirect proof of his thesis.

Must go do some laundry now. And dishes. And vacuuming. And maybe wash my car. I'll almost certainly have no time to cook dinner if I get even half of that done, though.

--16:51 PM, EDT, Ada, OH

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