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What news from the western front
written 2007-05-13 20:02:38

Not much going on here. Got a new outfit, a little something to hang on the wall, you know. Just kicking it on a Sunday.

No, okay, fine, that's a complete lie. Well, a partial lie. I did get a new outfit - it's the robe, cap and hood of a juris doctor. And, yeah, wall art, once I get a frame for it and an office to hang it in.

Graduation was the usual very important occasion, for which I have little regard. It's a good thing people came to visit because I would not have paid it nearly enough mind if I had had to attend alone. While trying on my cap and robe, I got the Rebellion victory theme from the end of Star Wars stuck in my head (when they're getting medals and stuff and Chewie does that Wookiee trill-roar? yeah, that), so I was disappointed when they didn't play that at commencement. Though, Mikey said that they played something suspiciously like the theme from Batman Beyond, or something similar. I had not yet precessed into the room, so I didn't hear it.

Many thanks to the people who came out. Ohio is not a convenient locale for, well, anything, so I appreciate the work it took. Good to see people, too. Thanks.

Everyone's leaving early (or left already in the case of one mad bastard of a Linux hacker - Mikey arrived this morning and left this afternoon. He is the travel ninja) so I'm back to Ada to relax a little... before bar prep classes start in the morning. [if I used smiley-faces or frowny-faces in this journal, there'd be one here. a frowny-face. no rest for the wicked.]

--20:02 PM, EDT, Lima, OH, no rest for the wicked awesome!

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