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Change in plans
written 2007-05-22 15:44:42

I am still in Ohio. Heads up.

Monday turned out badly. That is an understatement. But I don't wish to burden anyone else (please call and ask if you want the whole story) because I already feel like I've complained to eleventy-seven people about my own failures in planning.

So, it's Tuesday, the day I was supposed to drive, and I'm still here. I've packed the car, donated stuff to charity, thrown away a lot of stuff, and left some things with friends. (Hey, Chiles and Whit! Thanks again, you guys.) I'm cleaning the apartment tonight, sleeping on the floor, and then that'll be it for my apartment.

Driving all day tomorrow, with stuff in every space in my car. That's my plan.

--15:45 PM, EDT, Ada, OH

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