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Time flies (insert your own joke here)
written 2007-05-29 13:50:13

Sorry if it's been a while - been very busy last week or so.

Got back to town, been running around since then. My poor planning pushed my return date back one day, so I missed a day of bar prep. Will be catching up on that soon. Been doing all the little things - opening bank accounts, replacing things lost in the move, etc - since then. Plus bar prep every weekday, plus catching up with all the good folk of PA.

Though, this weekend was fairly awesome. Picnic on Sunday at Bren's - great time, thanks to everyone who was able to make it, and thanks to Bren and Pina for putting on such a fine gig. Lilith came over, which reinforces my notion that she's totally my girlfriend. Totally. I mean, yeah, Sarah and Marty and Josh came too, but that's secondary.

Ingrid agreed to change her plans (which involved me visiting for a day or two) to come up and picnic, and we had a great time. She's still awesome, but I don't imagine that's news to anyone who knows Ingrid.

That about catches me up to today - Tuesday, Evidence prep part I, more tomorrow, bleah. It's terrible material, but I need work on it, so I'm off to do some independent work on said terror.

--13:51 PM, EDT, New Britain, PA, on the campus of scenic Delaware Valley College

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