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Feeling a bit self-referential
written 2007-06-05 12:02:35

Sorry for the long delays. Moving back to PA has screwed up a few of my routines - I forget sometimes that I live in a house with internet access, and don't have to walk to campus (which is now 550 miles away, mind you). I am a creature of habit, it's true.

So, I'm back at the bagel place. It's sort-of on my way home from bar prep, so it's convenient that way. Inconvenient points: they no longer have rye bagels (terrible move, bagel place), and when you order a bagel with butter, you have to specify "not so much butter that if I were to fall face down into my bagel, I might drown in it" or else... well, you know. Also, it's very much a place for middle-aged suburban hausfraus (hausfrauen?) to meet for coffee and to complain about their lots in life.

Segue: class today was cut short when the lecture DVD turned out to be damaged, and unable to play more than 45 minutes. How is this a segue, you might ask? When the class coordinator* rescheduled, this middle-aged suburban frau began complaining loudly that she had "booked her schedule two months ago," whatever that means. I understand that she probably has other things going on, but it's inconvenient for everyone, ma'am. You're not special because you arranged to be in aerobics on Wednesdays back in March.

*: I'm pretty sure the bar prep class coordinator is just a guy taking the bar in July who's getting a discount or paid tuition for the course in return for showing up and hitting play on the DVDs. There's no indication that he's especially suited to run these classes, and I feel bad for him to having to put up with people like the aforementioned loudly self-entitled woman.

So, bar prep. Yesterday, no class - instead I chose to stay home and have a debilitating head cold. You know, to mix things up. And that was my day to move, so I had to reschedule with my movers (yay Keith and Jefe!) and my storage company. I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to have a complete stranger mess with you. "What did you think, we were just going to throw your stuff away if you didn't show up? C'mon."

Another thing I had forgotten - how to drive like I'm from around here. I need to refresh myself on not using my turn signal, not using my mirrors, talking on the phone while driving, changing lanes with callous disregard for the lives and well-being of others, speeding on residential streets, and expecting everyone else to do the same.

I gotta go. I think they're angry at me for asking for another, non-slathered-in-butter bagel.

--12:03 PM, EDT, Warrington, PA

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