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What fresh hell
written 2007-06-12 10:36:54

Let me get a "hoo-ah" for Mandy Patinkin, y'all. Mandy Patinkin, ladies and gentlemen!

Sorry, just had to get that out of the way.

Week of prep begun - this week we're studying contracts. I hate contracts. Contracts is one of those subjects that seems so simple - you agree to do A, I agree to do B, we have an accord - and then the lawyers have to get in there and jam it all up with stupid rules and presumptions and exceptions and what have you. The stuff I have to know for the bar is easier by comparison, but the difficulty then comes in knowing what you should consider in depth and what you should accept on its face. Is it important that it be in writing? Do I need a receipt of a mailed acceptance to an offer? When is a bid from a subcontractor an offer, and when an acceptance?

Complicating this is my current absence from the class. Probably a stupid move, but I was a little sick this morning (nausea, not the head cold, though I still have that too), then when I got to the class I realized I'd forgotten my books. This class in particular uses the book to the exclusion of other note-taking methods. (Some classes expect note-taking in the traditional sense, some expect you to read along in the in-depth outline, and most have an incomplete outline which you complete as you listen to the lecture. Today's class is of that last sort.) So, by the time I had gotten home again, I was ready to accept mild nausea and absent-mindedness as dual signs that I could take today off, and study on my own with the book and the outline. And as before, I can catch up with borrowed CDs or DVDs later.

I'm going to go find a program for the Mac that counts down to the date of the bar, and leave it open on my desktop for the next month. I need the impending doom of the exam as an incentive.

--10:37 AM, EDT, Warrington, PA

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