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written 2007-06-20 12:36:23

Man, moving back to PA has been terrible for my journal update rate. I apologize to those of you, particularly in other states, who have been missing the regularity with which I once updated this fairly mundane information source.

Studying continues. This week has been real property and personal federal taxation, both of which are good topics for me and feel more like review than "learn this real quick before the bar exam."

The amount of studying I should be doing is in question - while the countdown continues (thanks a lot, Mikey, you ass) and grinds on my confidence, I will probably be increasing the amount of time and amount of material I'm trying to cover. I set July 1st as a date for moving from subject review to general review - the MBE section is just a potpourri of subjects, mixed willy-nilly and good luck. So, to be prepared for it, you can't just study Constitutional Law one night, then Contracts the next. You have to do work in all six areas and be able to hit topics in all possible fields in each area.

I should be a rutabaga by July 15th.

There was a party that was nice, and a guest that was sweet, and that was my weekend.

More sometime. (And Mikey, I do appreciate it. I just want it known, even though it be not written down, that you are an ass.)

--12:39 PM, EDT, New Britain, PA

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