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Maybe technology isn't always good for you
written 2007-06-27 11:32:14

So, I'm not much of an early adopter. It was only two years ago that I finally got a cell phone. I have a swanky laptop because of the generosity of a friend, or else I'd probably still be taking notes on paper and using the internet at the library.

However, I'm coming up on the end of my cell phone contract, and I think I'm going to ask for some perqs from my phone company. Cooler phone, cheaper rates, something. Probably cooler phone. That's gotten me to thinking about what makes a phone cool - Bren and Pina have "Razrs" (I think that's how you spell it) and those are cool. They look cool, they have display windows on the front of the phone, they have ring tones. But you know what's really cool? The iPhone.

I totally don't need an iPhone. They're expensive, they're new (untested and probably prone to at least one design flaw, which I will encounter according to Murphy's Law) and have that totally ostentatious Apple design theme. Oh, but they look neat. And they do a bunch of stuff. That's so cool.

You have to have an AT&T service contract to use it, though, I think. That's probably more effort than I want to get into.

And apparently they lure young children into pacts with Satan.

--11:29 AM, EDT, New Britain, does that make it more or less appealing?

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