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Scattered reports, unconfirmed
written 2007-08-16 15:19:43

This is preaching to about half the choir, but you should watch Arrested Development. Watch a friend's copy, order it on Netflix, do something. That show is great.

I have time to talk about TV on DVD because I am in the limbo state between taking the bar exam and being licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania. The guy I talked to at the temp agency used this phrase about three times (five, if you include our phone conversation) to explain why temping is acceptable, nay, palatable. I think I finally got through to him that I understand, I've been looking for work, I know you need X years of experience to get a job, and I've done temp work before. It's not shameful.

So, good interview. Got two things lined up and will have more information on them soon. One is a lock, but is not long term. I'll just be glad to have the work.

I wonder if a train pass would be cost efficient. I'll have to look into that.

Cait did well in her part in "Our Town." I expected nothing less. I am sorry to hear that theater politics are inhibiting her ability to audition and get roles, but more sorry that community theater companies are willing to handicap themselves by not selecting the best talent they can get from the slim pickings available to most of those companies.

I'm sure Cait's ego is entirely out of control by now. I'll have to get Courtney to throw the two-seam fastball at her or something.

--3:18 PM, EDT, Warminster, PA, we are condemned to repeat this bear

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