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Road notes, I
written 2007-08-21 10:49:37

Words that are fun to say: Sproul and Cackleberry. Places that are fun to read: Glyde, Intercourse and Paradise. I think I should found a small town in Alaska called "Me" so people can buy t-shirts in Paradise, PA, that read, "I've been to Paradise, but I've never been to Me." (But that's just me. Oh, man, that was bad. Not intended, I swear. Shut up, Keith.)

Central and southwestern PA remain beautiful country, for those parts of the drive that I could actually see through the driving rain. It did allow for some nice moments of driving up at cloud level, or seeing clouds descending down into valleys far below the level of the highway. I did not bring a camera.

Spent the night last night in... I'm not certain the name. It was near Washington, Belle Vernon, off I-70...? It was fine.

Ada today, Milwaukee tomorrow. Call me or e-mail if I haven't touched base with you yet, y'all. I am informed Ada had some flooding, so I'm glad I'm getting my comics out of there this week. Hope all of you out there didn't have to watch your house float away while you stood in the rowboat and the end credits music from "O Brother Where Art Thou" played.

--10:44 AM, EDT, Cambridge, OH, ah, there's nothing wrong with her a hundred dollars wouldn't fix

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