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Heads up from Ohio
written 2007-08-22 08:49:08

I figured I would drive through the bad weather by coming west, shortening its duration at least from my perspective. Bad call, Ripley.

I complain a lot about the flatness of Ohio. When it rains for a while here, it all piles up. So, naturally, now that I'm here in Ohio, there's flooding, a "level 3 flood emergency" just north of us (in my driving route) which obliges you not to drive unless absolutely necessary... bad timing. I'm going to stay here until I can get a better idea of how/if I can leave the area without drowning.

Attention Milwaukee! I will call or e-mail when I know more. Sorry to change plans like this, but there's an Act of God clause I'll refer you to in our visit contract. (No, there really isn't.)

Please don't blow up my cell phone and my available minutes calling and asking me how I am. I'm fine. I'm with friends, I have an internet connection and two dogs. All is well, I'm just being held up.

--8:47 AM, EDT, Ada, OH

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