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Notes from the road, III
written 2007-08-24 20:47:29

So much to cover! Motel last night had no internet access, so I have two days to report on.


Wednesday, I drove up from Ada to Milwaukee. Ada was a little damp, but nowhere near as awful as the news reports I'm sure some of you saw or read or heard. (I'm looking at you, Dad.) I drove briefly through Hancock County, which had bad flooding in Findlay, but I was nowhere near there at any time. The drive through Indiana was nice, and I discovered I have an uncanny ability to find the most expensive place to buy gas in a given region. Example: I found $3.29/gallon gas on the Indiana Toll Road, despite the fact that gas was $2.99 at every other rest stop on the Toll Road. Fact!

Driving in Chicago sucks. Be advised. This is not a conditional warning - like, say, during rush hour, or after a Cubs game or something - it just sucks. Accept it and move on.

The Good Land remains good, as do its people. Bear, Jill, Rehlow, Kit, Keith, Robins and Steph all came out to County Clare or the Landmark and we had good food and good company. David "Buddy" Donaghy hooked me up with a bowling pin container, suitable for making a drink called "The Stumplifter." I'm not certain what that is about but I appreciate the gift.

The drive south was made on a large, hearty breakfast courtesy of Bear, worthy of all sorts of critical praise. Unfortunately, it was a drive toward Chicago. See above.

I got through Chicago just in time to get hit by the storm. It was heavy and ridiculous and knocked out power and limited visibility and all the stuff that makes driving fun. I ended up in Louisville that night, after once again finding the most expensive gas in the region. Uncanny!

Today's drive was excellent, despite being lengthy. I went from Louisville to near Elizabethtown to Knoxville to Asheville to Charlotte. Kentucky and Tennessee are absurdly beautiful, and I had good weather for a lot of good views. I drove through horse country in Kentucky, and saw great big vast valleys from way up high in Tennessee. Asheville was mostly veiled by harsh thunderstorms. (Another curious power which I possess: name a state, I'll find you a thunderstorm there.)

Now, I'm in Charlotte. Crashing at Mikey and Carrie's, which is really nice. Trying to find Susan. Wondering where all these new interstates came from. Hoping to stop by Heroes tomorrow.

--20:39 PM, EDT, Charlotte, NC, I don't do clever.

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