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Removing the cork, we find
written 2007-10-03 08:56:27

Blah blah blah, sorry I haven't posted, yadda yadda.

I keep working, and when I'm not working, I'm running around doing things. It seems I have less time to carry my laptop with me everywhere I go, find wi-fi connections and blather on about my little existence for the six people still reading this (oops, I mean four - that last delay probably cost me a couple).

So, yeah, the temp job continues. It's good to have work, though the working conditions are a little "eh". Still in a basement. Still given the option of wearing surgical gloves and masks. Have a few more temp opportunities coming up, and still (still) sending out resumes, mostly to government entities and related agencies.

There's a hidden message in this post. See if you can find it, kids!

Looking at apartments. I think finding something outside of Philadelphia would be smart - to avoid the taxes and the murder rate - but I also have to look for a place that would let me have a month-to-month lease, so I can move if necessary, when I find permanent work.

Oh, and we find out if I get to put "esquire" after my name on October 9th. That's soon. That's less than a week from now. It's weird. I'm faintly terrified, which is a change from my reserved and calm attitude leading up to this time. That's fine. If I drop off the radar suddenly (you'll know, because I'll probably post "I'm dropping off the radar" to this journal) it will mean I screwed up and will have to try again in February. Heads up.

Go Phils.

--8:55 AM, EDT, Warminster, PA

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