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Five states in five days
written 2007-10-16 01:47:59

Congratulations, Megan and Jen.

Just got back from my trek across some of the Eastern Seaboard. (Y'know, I don't even know if I'm using that term correctly. I'm using it to refer to states bordering on the Atlantic. There. That's clear, now.) Went to DC on Thursday, after receiving a letter affirming what the Internet told me (see two posts ago, re: the bar exam) the week before. On Friday, my gal Ingrid and I saddled up the trusty Ford Behemoth and headed out west, where the men are good looking, the women are strong and the radio stations are mostly country and evangelical. We stopped when it seemed like we could not drive any higher without actually entering low Earth orbit. 'Appen there was a wedding where we did stop.

Boone, NC, is a cool place even without a wedding, and even without the crisp cool air and changing colors of autumn. So, add all that together and there's some excellent weekend for you. In no particular order, there was:

It's past midnight on Monday, I'm back in the 215, and I'm debating staying up to watch the second showing of The Boondocks on Adult Swim. God bless Aaron McGruder. Mmmm.

--1:44 AM, EDT, Warminster, PA, bring on the intergalactic starfish

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