That's not what the Death card means

written 2007-11-26 19:35:09

I'm back at work, at least for this week.

To clarify, this is the same assignment for the same company, which ended after three weeks back in September. I'm back on for a week, though last time they said it would be a week, too. Note, unfortunately, that there have been no other assignments in the intervening time. This despite being associated with an ever-increasing number of placement agencies.

I bought a pass for the train. It's just for a week, but it feels good to anticipate needing to commute all week. I either like planning ahead, having work, or getting a 20% discount on train fare. Maybe all three.

I have a new friend. His name is Devil, and he is very tall.

Christ's birthday is coming. I have no idea what to get him. Maybe a coat? It's cold out.

--19:33 PM, EST, Warminster, PA, actually, I want a coat.

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