That's not what the Death card means

Mixed Nuts
written 2007-12-20 19:46:59

Oh, the holiday season. I was headed out to the comic store, but Pina came home and said that the thronging masses of Christmas hordes were particularly vicious this evening. I can wait. If I go tomorrow while most people are still at work, that'll be better, right? Although, it's Friday. I'm sure that will mean its own special kind of commercial holiday spite.

More resumes, more applications, and one interview. I actually forgot about applying to this one, but it makes sense that this is the one that calls back for an interview: helping the disadvantaged in rural Pennsylvania. I would love to do work like that, and I would love the excuse to live out in the boonies and save money on the cost of living. I would also love to be able to pay back all that money I borrowed to go to law school, with which I'm sure my loan company would agree. But, an interview's an interview. Who knows, it could be a great opportunity.

We're having Solstice on the Solstice, which is nice. My girl's coming up so I don't have to go stag this year. Should be good.

--19:46 PM, EST, Warminster, PA

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