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written 2007-12-29 08:28:41

First, let me apologize for failing to close my italics tag in the post below. There are worse things that can happen, like failing to close your blink tag, but having my entire page below that post be in italics is like a permanent reminder that I'm kinda dumb.

Speaking of kinda dumb, I just got back from my Johnstown, PA, and boy, are my arms -- no, wait, that joke doesn't work here. So, I drove four, five hours out there, had a look around (it was only slightly frightening, in a post-industrial forgotten mill town way), bought local papers and had a bite to eat to get acclimated. Good news: it would be really cheap to afford to live there. Then, I went in for my interview. I don't feel like I had the best answers or the right mindset going in. They were giving me a slightly touchy-feely non-profit interview, and I was prepped for the more aggressive corporate interview. Bad news: helping people is their reward, which leaves the actual payday waaaay behind. (Which makes living in that area more attractive, or at least more necessary.)

I am not optimistic about this interview. I am also not sure what my response would be if I were to get an offer. On the one hand, I need a job, and this would be a great way to get the experience every other job demands. On the other hand, I have debts, and an aversion to remaining in debt. Oh, also, it's way the hell out in Johnstown. I just got done with living in BFE, do I want to go back so soon?

We'll see. I appreciate everyone who gave me feedback or listened to me think out loud about this. Jen, I really appreciate you thinking instead of me, because as I've demonstrated, I fail to think sometimes.

--8:26 AM, EST, Warminster, PA, let's close these this time

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