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Fascinating Place Names from Western Pennsylvania
written 2007-12-29 08:47:11

Johnstown, while not fascinating in print, is pronounced with the first syllable of "jaundice." You need to drop your jaw a little bit when you say it.

Paint. Not sure if this is a "named for the thing this town once produced" name or if the trees were many pretty colors, or what. But there is all sorts of Paint out there - Paint Township, Paint Borough, like that.

Scalp and Scalp Level. It's hilly country out there - do you think this refers to the top of a hill, and the level place on the top? I have no idea. I have seen a Squirrel Level before, but that's no help.

Ryot. That either looks like early settlers with a spelling deficiency or a secret cult of Cthulhu worshippers. "Cthulhu fthagn Ryot!" And, I bet it's really calm and peaceful there. Irony.

New Ashtola. You have to wonder what happened to the old one.

Lovely. No, really. I bet the florist in Lovely, PA, is just the most chipper person ever. Or the most hateful, I don't know.

Pleasantville. Not that interesting in and of itself, but subtitled on the village sign read, "Formerly Called Dubbstown." Why would you change that? There's nothing wrong with the name Dubbstown. Maybe after Dubb founded the town, Dubb III turned out to be a dirty scoundrel, and the town got its revenge in this way. Man, poor Dubb. It's not his fault his grandson was a rascal.

Oh, and I have to drop a bit of drug-related/geographical formation humor for you all:
Dude, I was so high yesterday!
Dude, how high were you?
Like 2700 feet above sea level, in the Allegheny Mountains, on Route 56.


--8:46 AM, EST, Warminster, PA

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