That's not what the Death card means

More quietly he added, "If necessary."
written 2008-01-18 22:22:56

I really thought I had posted something more recently than that. Hrm.

So, work started Monday. Or, I should specify, I started going to an office in Center City on Monday. Work didn't actually start until late this afternoon. I can't really explain it. There were some training sessions, and a lot of explaining that there's not always work available, and requests to be patient. I was told to try to familiarize myself with the instructional materials, and after that just read or play Solitaire.

Which I did, for almost four days. Then, today, at 4:45 PM, the work arrived. Most of the people there elected to just go home and start fresh next Monday - I said, "You'd like to pay me to stay a while longer? I can do that."

I read all of All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren and started Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin during the week. I also refamiliarized myself with the games available as part of the Windows OS. Ah, Spider Solitaire. You really aren't very fun.

So, I'm thinking that if I get to work at 8 AM, take an hour lunch, and leave at 6 PM, that'll give me five nine-hour workdays, which clocks in at exactly the arbitrarily-decided 45 hour work week. That'll allow me to stay a little later if they authorize overtime, or come in on weekends for maximum income results.

Right now, though, I need to eat something. I realize my last meal was ten hours ago.

--22:21 PM, EST, Warminster, PA, he talked gardens

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