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A fair day's work at a fair wage
written 2008-01-22 21:23:51

Yesterday I learned that overtime is always available at my new job. This means that, if I want and am able, I can work over 45 hours in a week (sometimes including Saturday or Sunday), make time-and-a-half, and still determine my own schedule. Apparently a good number of the people at this job come in at 7 AM, work for fourteen hours, go home and sleep, and get up and do it again. This is somewhat mystifying to me. I suppose I assumed that our employer's need for our services would regulate our hours and availability of overtime. Nope.

This is excellent news. I may be overestimating the amount of free time I have, given that I have just ended a long drought of work, but I feel like I could clock a bunch of hours, no sweat.

Music you should listen to: Ingrid Michaelson (not my girlfriend), Bell X-1, and the Trolleyvox. I was going to say Slo-Mo for that last slot, but Trolleyvox sounded good and then I forgot their name and then found it again, and I'm so pleased I'm writing it down for you all to read, forget, and remember as well. (Also, the Trolleyvox is playing D-town on the 1st. I wonder if I could arrange to take the Doylestown train that morning, and get back from work in time...? I never go out to music. Ever.) Oh, and if anyone has a Rilo Kiley album, I'd like to hear it.

There's stuff that needs doing!

--21:22 PM, EST, Warminster, PA, endless cynical flames

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