That's not what the Death card means

I don't believe in the sun
written 2008-02-06 07:17:58

Taking a moment from my ordinarily hectic AM to drop a line to the good people out there in readerland. I decided I couldn't make the 7:13, so I'm going to wait and make the 7:49. This train will get me to Philly at 8:38 AM, so my work day will start at 8:45 AM. The last two days, my work day lasted over 12 hours each day. Today, I'm putting in a paltry eight hours. You'll go nuts working like that everyday.

Fortune cookie from last night: "You will move into a great new home in the next year." I feel like the law firms around Suburban Station pay City Garden to carry encouraging, inspirational fortune cookie messages that appeal to young lawyers currently working lots of hours in their employ. I could just be making that up. My last one said something like, "You should get health insurance. It is in the best interests of your firm and the economy." I'm definitely making that up.

Looked for apartments last week, not much in the way of results. Looking again this weekend, in Willow Grove, the city, and possibly the Northeast.

Mikey thinks you should vote for Obama. I don't have an opinion on the Democrats yet, so that's better politico-reading that anything you'll find here.

I should go.

--7:16 AM, EST, Warminster, PA

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