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Instead of playing WoW
written 2008-06-01 19:34:33

So I went to Wizard World Philly this weekend. It was a hoot, and I got to do a lot of different stuff. I was in a trivia contest*, and did fairly well -- I think I got more questions consecutively than anyone (except maybe the 50-60 year old looking dude who knew all sorts of Avengers and silver age Spider-Man stuff). I heard Garth Ennis say, "I wanted to have the Punisher kill a priest," in his charming Irish brogue. I bought a large chunk of the 100 issue run of New Mutants, sadly paying money for a second time to acquire miserable Rob Liefeld artwork. Dan DiDio asked me what my first comic book was.

And that was just Sunday!

I watched Marty get all misty-eyed thinking about X-Factor #83, and tell Peter David that he'd cheerfully bear his children, medical science permitting. I watched a slim and trim Chris Claremont and Peter David drag Tom Brevoort around by the metaphorical credentials at the "Legends of Comics" panel. I saw a woman in a dead-bang Baroness costume from the GI Joe cartoon. I heard Michael Avon Oeming suggest to his girlfriend something horrendous in a casual voice (it was a "There's Something About Mary" reference, I shan't go further), and I saw people drinking beers in a comic book shop at 11:00 PM in Philly's Old City.

I had already bought a weekly train pass, so it cost me nothing to travel back and forth... except for the one night when we stayed past the last train and had to bum a ride back from Rich at Brave New Worlds. He's good stuff, I say. Thanks, man.

I played some Heroclix, which was both fun and time-consuming. You meet a lot of good folks playing that game, and this weekend was no exception. Though, the people running the events today were a little snide and arrogant. You can't win them all.

I was given free Advil by some marketing people on 11th St. I count myself fortunate I didn't need any all weekend.

Last week at the temp job. Already handing out cards for the new job. Must go pour myself a drink of something cold now, and try to cool down. Summer's going to be brutal in the new apartment. I feel it already.

--7:30 PM, EDT, Hatboro, PA, now I want to go play WoW

*: A sampling of the trivia questions is listed below. See how many you can answer!

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