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New new new
written 2008-06-18 23:34:28

So, I'm in my second week of the new job. Learning a lot, reading a hell of a lot, starting to do things that lawyers do. It's good.

Played poker tonight, finished third out of nine. (Ten?) Third place got me my buy-in back, which makes me glad I didn't suggest going first-second or winner-take-all for the prize money. Good to see Justin, who is looking forward to going up on the mountain. Have fun up there, y'all.

Going to the near city this week, and a farther city next week. I plan on other people buying me dinner and drinking to excess. Well, not both at once, I'm going to pace myself.

Apparently casinos will give you free money to gamble with and let you keep the money that you win from the free money. That seems to violate one Law of Thermodynamics or another. But it's true.

I need to walk more. I need to periodically burst into jogging. I need a plan.

--11:32 PM, EDT, Hatboro, PA, I detect an ounce of sadness, but you won't say a word

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