That's not what the Death card means

My friends are cooler than your friends.
written 2008-08-05 09:42:47

First off, Happy Chuck Wendig Day. No, it's not a birthday, or an anniversary, he's just so awesome that they declare holidays in his name now.

Secondly, congratulations to Kristy on her enormous crowd of park-goers, who came out to see As You Like It. She was excellent, as those of you who have seen her in action can attest. Her co-star was adorable, but Kristy fell down on the job and did not get me a date with her. Seriously, is it too much for a guy to ask for his friend to trick her colleague into breaking up with her boyfriend just prior to a cast party and just happen to meet an attractive and single lawyer who just happens to be available later that week?

Is it?

Barry left. He said something about this area "not being as cool as" when he lived here. He's right, of course. You may have noticed the area was considerably more hip for about four days. That was Barry. He does that. It was excellent having him about, and having him suggest things like "let's go see The Dark Knight instead of doing laundry" which is an obvious genius move. He tried to indicate that I should visit him in Dallas by mentioning how many times his buddy DJ had been to Dallas. I naturally countered with, "%#&* that. I moved there for a year." But he's right, a visit would be good.

Mikey stopped in briefly, then flew to Germany.

And we're roleplaying again. Just restarted the Changeling game. As always, Chuck goes from zero to sixty in nothing flat. I fear he will next turn it up to 11.

--9:38 AM, EDT, Holland, PA, he promised her the sun and the moon, now all she has is this six by eight room

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